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Integrating Stress Management and Ergonomics for Workplace Health and area of best performance

Affronte Corporate Solutions are located in the Midlands and are accredited in Stress Management and optimising Organisational Well-being. Our team of  qualified practitioners specialise in evaluating Stress Flashpoints and the Human Factors of the work environment, and our expertise in Holistic therapies will compliment any bespoke training package tailored for your organisation requirements.

Why should your organisation consider managing stress?

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) reported that in the last 12 months 40% of workers have reported an increase in stress levels. There was a significant increase in the number of employees reporting it as a problem, 57% in 2012 up from 48% in 2011. The most common reasons for an increase were given as:

  • Workload
  • Management style
  • Non-work stresses and relationships
  • Relationships at work

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 2011 survey identified that stress is now the most common cause of long term sickness and Mind suggests that 26 billion pounds are lost every year by British businesses due to sickness absence and 8 billion of that could be saved by a greater awareness on the mental health of staff and employers. Corporate Stress management training helps you to handle stress positively and improves collaboration and communications to enrich your business. We take a collaborative client focused approach in the pragmatic application of stress management and ergonomic principles to help you to foster employee engagement in the pursuit of employee well-being and health.

How can Ergonomics in the Workplace benefit your organisation?

Because industry relies on human-centric for manual labour, line managers to run processes or administration to manage organisations, a well designed work places and ways of working which follow good ergonomic practise are the solution to good health and production. Work-related injuries are frequent, and most are avoidable when ergonomics are taken into consideration.  Also to consider now are demographic change and changes to the default retirement age aimed at encouraging people to stay at work longer and the effects of this.  Ergonomics has a large role to play in relation to objective assessment of physical and mental capacity, workplace design issues and work organisation.  We have the skills to uncover and identify the problems associated with occupational physical injury, and can work along side in-house occupational team to resolve a whole range of complaints.

  • Do you think there are advantages to equipping your managers with the ability to deal with stress in their teams?
  • Would your organisation benefit from getting best practice in workplace stress management?
  • Do you recognise there are issues with low staff moral, high absenteeism and high staff turn over?
  • Would you like to promote a healthier and happier workplace?
  • Would your organisation benefit from implementing strategies to manage stress related absenteeism effectively?
  • Would you like to dramatically improve motivation of your employees?
  • Would you like to inspire your employees to develop personal leadership qualities?
  • Would improved interpersonal communication skills benefit your work place?

If you are a forward thinking organisation ready to grow to meet meet new challenges and can see the benefits of implementing essential skills for personal development and management of stress, the use of high performance Master NLP coaching techniques, One to One Mentoring or training workshops, then we are here to help you. 

More so now in the currents economic climate, the challenges that go with being an Executive, a Senior Manager, Team Leader, Business Owner or professional have become more demanding and requires that competitive edge through self development, working within optimum range for the individual and improved leadership skills.

Being aware that as pressure on us increases, we enter the “area of best performance”. Here, we are able to focus on the task and perform well. With optimum levels of stress there is enough pressure on us to focus our attention but not so much that it disrupts our performance. If the area of best performance is that competitive edge you are looking for, our highly skilled practitioners have the capacity to assist you to develop a bespoke package uniquely tailored to your exact specification, call us now for an informal chat to see can we can help you.

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